Meet Our Team!

Mia Chan

Mississauga, ON

I created Behind My Mind to provide a safe space for others to share their experiences in navigating their mental health in order to raise awareness and show others that they're not alone.

For my mental wellness, I listen to music, run/walk by the lake, and cuddle with my cat!   



Teodora Vujovic

Kitchener, ON

I joined Behind My Mind because I wanted to be a part of a team that makes an impact and is passionate about mental health. I'm excited to work towards creating better support in our communities and sharing more stories!

For my mental wellness, I go to yoga class, practice mindfulness, take a long relaxing walk, or do some painting!

Maria Anton

North York, ON

I joined Behind My Mind because I’m so passionate about the initiative of supporting those with mental health needs and raising awareness for self- care measures. Getting to work at the Psychiatric Ward at Grand River Hospital really opened my eyes to the diversity of psychiatric illness and allowed me to form connections and relationships with those in need of mental health support. I want to do everything in my ability to support our community in raising awareness for mental health. I’ve dealt with anxiety my entire life and have found it gets worse in random times and dealing with panic attacks have been one of the hardest things I’ve had to overcome. Since learning that anxiety is natural and there are ways to control it and my feelings of insecurities I’ve been doing a lot better. I work at improving my mental health every day and every chance I get.

For my mental wellness, I take breaks, go for walks, try to use pet therapy as much as possible whenever possible and make schedules when I feel overwhelmed with work.

Sarah Mazen

Oakville, ON

I joined Behind My Mind I wanted to be involved in ending the stigma around Mental Health. Behind My Mind has helped me navigate my personal journey with mental health and was eager to be a part of the campaign to do the same for others. Learning about the realities and importance of mental health is crucial for overall wellbeing and I hope I can help convey that message to everyone with the incredible team!

For my mental wellness, I like to do the things I enjoy the most: I like to stay as active as possible, preferably outdoors, and journal whatever thought come to my head!

Ekta Mandhan

Mississauga, ON

I joined Behind My Mind to advocate for the wellbeing of others and to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and illnesses

For my mental wellness, I listen to music or spend time watching my favourite shows!



Erin Murray

Calgary, AB

I joined Behind My Mind because I love having a platform to share tools and methods that have helped me in my mental health journey. I also love connecting with like minded individuals and hope to keep the conversation about mental health open and growing.

For my mental wellness, I workout and meditate daily!


Shruti Bagmar

Maharashtra, India

I joined Behind My Mind because I had been searching for psychology or mental health related volunteer work since a long time. I became aware of this campaign when I was assigned to write an article for Behind My Mind in the Imprint paper. I felt that it was the exact opportunity I was looking for to gain experience and realize the importance self growth and self exploration.

For my mental wellness, I write in my diary and vent out my emotions to my close friends. 

Taynaya Miranda

Pickering, ON

I joined Behind My Mind because mental illness is something that has had an impact on myself as well as my friends and family. I understand how easy it is to feel alone in difficult times and that is why I know this campaign is so special. I think that people sharing their stories and similar experiences can help others feel less alone but can also inspire people to reach out for help if they need it. I truly believe that this is such a special community of people who want to inspire and raise awareness about mental health/illness and I am so grateful to be apart of it

For my mental wellness, I try to do things I love like taking photos and creating digital art and of course cuddling with my dog :)

Yueying Liang

Richmond Hill, ON

I joined Behind My Mind because I want to utilize this platform to help those who are affected by mental health know that there are people you can go to in the worst and best of times, know that there are resources for you when you need them, and know that there is a point where, as cliche as it is, things will start to look up. and that together we will all get through the toughest times, that there will be a day where we win this fight.

For my mental wellness, I would take a break and eat a good meal after telling myself something positive!

Alezeh Allidina

London, ON

I've always been passionate about working towards removing the stigma surrounding mental health issues. I joined Behind My Mind because I believe it's important that we all support each other and create awareness, especially during this uncertain time, and I think this campaign is the perfect way to do so!

For my mental wellness, I love to listen to my favourite songs on Spotify and do some yoga or HIIT workouts!



Hartleigh Bailey

Mississauga, ON

I joined Behind My Mind because I want to contribute to the changing attitudes surrounding mental health, but most importantly, I want to help individuals. I think music is a wonderful way for me to try and do that!

For my mental wellness, I usually play the piano, but lately have been learning Tik Tok dances. 



Mae Kinch

Lochgelly, Scotland

I joined Behind My Mind because I wanted to try and contribute. I’ve struggled with my own mental health and I’ve seen the positive impact of organizations like this. I felt like I had reached a place where I could give, rather than receive help in this instance and I knew my skills would be put to good use here.

For my mental wellness, I listen to music, write, hike, do yoga, bake, dance and sing. 


Olivia McPherson

Belleville, ON

I joined Behind My Mind because my classmate Mia started this initiative and shared her story, inspiring me to share mine and continue to get involved as the campaign grew. I am so excited to see this campaign continue to flourish and reach out to people through candid stories that help us understand the complexities of mental illness!

For my mental wellness, I try to exercise, meditate or read often! I also take medication for my anxiety and speak to a counsellor bi-weekly!

Caitlin Lovick

Peterborough, ON

I joined Behind My Mind to spread awareness, support and love for people fighting with their mental health AND for the friends and family trying their best to be there for them. I also want to encourage you to take time to be selfish, to invest in yourself, and to be the best version of you there is.

For my mental wellness, I lose myself in a run. It refreshes not only my physical body, but my mind and my soul.


Celine Huab

Mississauga, ON

I joined Behind My Mind because stigma around mental illness has a huge effect on the health of so many people, especially our most vulnerable populations. Progress will only happen if we work to start conversations, reach out to each other, and advocate for the resources we need.

For my mental wellness, I take frequent breaks to exercise, clear my head, and rethink my perspective


Danica Smith

Whitby, ON

I joined Behind My Mind in order to be more directly involved with mental health advocacy within my community! Being that I am passionate about mental health and combatting the social stigma, participating in engagement is important to me.

Aside from mindfulness and/or meditation, for mental wellness, I love to indulge in creative catharsis. Whether that be reading/writing poetry, painting portraits, or analyzing the instrumental layers to my favourite songs, this sort of practice keeps me grounded and replenished.

Jori Reiken

Toronto, ON

I joined Behind My Mind because I love what Behind my Mind Stands for and I want to get involved with mental health initiatives.

For my mental wellness, I colour in colouring books! I find it calming and it helps me clear my mind.



Kajal Bhardwaj

Burlington, ON

I joined Behind My Mind because I want to help create a safe space for people to share their stories and embrace the diversity of mental health

For my mental wellness, I go for a walk and listen to music. 



Lauren Ingleston

Brampton, ON

I joined Behind My Mind to help others speak out against the stigma and to raise awareness about mental health and illnesses. I shared my story with the Behind my Mind campaign a couple of months ago because I was inspired by the strong individuals around me who were brave enough to share their story. After this experience I have felt more comfortable opening up about my own mental health journey and encouraging others to do so as well. As a Community Representative I want to do everything I can to help share resources so people know they’re not alone.

For my mental wellness, I read books, do a face mask, and watch stand up comedy.  

Matthew Diep

Vaughan, ON

Mental health is an important part of your well-being, but at the same time I feel like it is one of the most neglected as well. I joined Behind my Mind to bring attention to mental health, and show that taking care of it does not have to be a long, hard process and that it can be done in small steps.

For my mental wellness, I try to stay active! Going to the gym and staying active gives me a bit of time to take my mind off of things and focus on only me. 


Taha Aslam

Mississauga, ON

I joined Behind My Mind to raise community awareness, reduce mental health stigma and encourage help-seeking. Many people are afraid to get help due to the stigma associated with mental health; which holds them back from opening up and stepping out of their comfort zone. However, a number of personal stories have been shared on this campaign, which offers support to others with similar challenges and inspires people to open up. It is necessary for all of us to do our part to help reduce stigma. Doing so will not only empower individuals to speak openly but will also have a positive impact on our society by recognizing that mental health illnesses deserve just as much attention as another illness would, if not more.

For my mental wellness, I try new recipes, go on walks and occasionally paint. I would also encourage all of you to invest a small fraction of your day into your mental health by engaging in something other than routine tasks!