Demi's Self-Care Routine

     Self-care comes in so many shapes & forms. Yes, it can mean the occasional “treat yourself”, but I think it is important to appreciate that it can extend beyond this as well. Self-care to me is treating yourself with respect. It is making those small decisions that can collectively help you in both short- and long-term instances.

One way I like to practice self-care is by writing out a to-do list at the beginning of each day with little boxes to check off. Not only does this minimize the risk of forgetting something and feeling overwhelmed, but it also leaves room for you to celebrate the completion of each of those tasks with every checkmark.

Another way I have implemented self-care in my life is by making sure to fuel my body with foods that both energize and satisfy me. There is so much research about how food and hunger can impact your mood (I think we’ve all been hangry before…I know I have) that I truly believe meals give you an opportunity to tell your body that you love her and want to give her what she needs to keep pushing.

Finally, the most impactful form of self-care that I have adopted over the past two years is journaling. I start each journal entry with a mantra to carry with me for the day and follow that with completely free writing. The most important part of this experience for me is having a judgement-free zone to think. I often get extremely consumed by my insecurities, so this is just one of the special things that I either start or end my day with. Not only has this given me an outlet, but it has also given me a way to log my growth over the years. 

I could go on and on about all of the wonderful and beneficial items that I believe fall perfectly under the “self-care” umbrella, but my main message here is to see self-care in what some may consider just a basic part of their daily habits. Each step in your journey no matter how small should be celebrated for the beautiful commitment you are making to yourself.


Demi C.

Mississauga, Ontario

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