Behind Victoria's Mind

     I became a mental health advocate when I became an online health coach. Around the time I was attending college, I became very depressed and anxietal. There were many factors that triggered the depression and anxiety including toxic relationships and childhood trauma. I went through many times of suicidal thoughts, hospital visits, breakdowns, etc. I met my former online health coach through instagram and started exercising and coaching others on their health journeys. I found my passion in health and fitness. Seeing women reach their goals and become happy and healthy gave me purpose. I now am an online personal trainer and I continue to encourage women on their journeys. Exercising is so important to mental health. If I hadn't started exercising then I'd probably still be super depressed, constantly in the crisis centre, or worse. I encourage anyone struggling with their mental health to find something they're passionate about and to start exercising if they haven't already! It's an unstoppable combo!


Victoria D.


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