Behind Jason's Mind

     Mental illness first impacted my life when my therapist diagnosed me with ADD and OCD at four years old. 😯 This greatly affected my academics in school (giving me stress, high anxiety, and mild depression) as I was very unable to focus and concentrate on arithmetic.

However music was (and still is) my escapism. 🎶 I write it from time to time, listen, study, breathe, and use music for self care. My therapist is longer with me due to cost as it became expensive during and after college. 😡 Studying music theory and composition in college, I only received 2 associate degrees (I transferred schools in hopes of a bachelors degree). This was due to my GPA and mainly ADD.

After college graduation, I saw a big drop in all my mental illness; allowing me to clearly focus on becoming a mental illness warrior. These were from techniques I learned from therapy in college. 🙌🏻 I chose to become an advocate and help people since I don’t want to see them make the same mistakes I did.

I continue to embrace music in my life and recently started running for mental health. My focus is to share my story to other social media platforms and channels. 🌎Lastly, I truly hope my messages are recognized or featured for my mental illness advocacy! 🙏 Since my feelings are 100% valid, I hope they mean something to you!


Jason A.

Door County, Wisconsin

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