Behind Georgette's Mind

For me, my mental health journey has been a lifelong one. I was born the youngest of 4 children and was the only girl. Due to this I naturally got along better with boys and found it hard to relate to girls. Also, my parents are Egyptian and I went to a mostly white school. This caused me to become extremely shy and I was constantly thinking something was wrong with me because I didn’t look or behave like the other girls at school.

This resulted in me developing severe social anxiety. I was constantly questioning myself and looking outside of myself for validation. However, when at home, in my safe space, I was outgoing, creative and felt included. 

I felt something was wrong with me, so when I had the opportunity to study Psychology at A-level’s, I jumped at the chance. I hoped it would help me understand myself better and feel more comfortable being me outside of my home. It started a journey that I never guessed I would go on.

Naturally, as I was getting older and getting out of my comfort zones, my confidence grew along with my circle of trusted people I could be myself around. My career took me to settings I wouldn’t have ever dreamt of being in. I have worked on acute mental health wards, community therapy teams and in prisons. I have worked either in group or 1-2-1 settings with individuals who have suffered significant trauma, that has resulted in sever mental health difficulties. My career has provided challenges my 14 year old self would have never thought possible to overcome. 

By helping others and being open, compassionate and non-judgemental, I have learnt to treat myself in the same way. I still work daily on my anxiety and mental health, as life naturally challenges you daily. For example, becoming a mum had its own set of obstacles for my mental health to overcome! But I now know the daily techniques, tools and habits that help me face these obstacles head on. 

Mental health affects EVERYONE! You are never as alone as you feel. Remember when you are having tough days be kind to yourself and seek help if you need it. When you are having good days take advantage of them and take the steps forward to become the best version of yourself. No matter how big or small those steps are, they all matter because YOU MATTER! 


Georgette D.

Barking, Essex, UK

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