Behind Audrey's Mind

Laying in my bed tonight and thinking about the past 4 years of my life. Thinking about the tears and the fear that I had leading up to the day I was diagnosed with clinical depression. My brain was foggy and I couldn’t seem to relate to anyone... even myself. The clearest memory I have was laying in bed at home on Christmas vacation with tears literally soaking my pillow. My mom came into the room silently and started crying too as she ran her fingers through my hair. I felt alone... but I wasn’t. If there is one thing I have learned through this battle it’s that we ALL need people. No matter if you’re a introvert or extrovert... a 5 or a 7 on the enneagram... WE ALL NEED PEOPLE. ⁣

Yes this is depression medication. Of course I wish my brain produced more serotonin naturally and of course I hope one day it will. I could go on and on about natural remedies to fight depression but today I just want to say there is NO SHAME in needing help... help from friends, a therapist, family or a little pill (all of the above are highly recommended if applicable to you!). When I started taking medication I was finally able to start fighting. Fighting for my relationships... fighting for myself... fighting for other people who were battling. FIGHTING AGAINST THE STIGMA OF MENTAL ILLNESS! Today, I stand strong... still on medication but truly filled with JOY! ⁣ 

Audrey C.

Denver, Colorado

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