Meet Olivia!

     Hi everyone! I'm Olivia! I'm also a second year Pharmacy Student at University of Waterloo.

I have always been very passionate about mental health. It affects so many people in my life including myself, and has been something I've been pulled towards ever since I can remember!

When Mia started this campaign, I was thrilled and shared my story on this account. Go check out my post and read my 'Behind My Mind' story if you're interested!

My journey with mental health really started to get better when someone had the strength to open up to me about how they struggled and what they did to work towards better mental wellness. Because of that, I realized that the act of sharing and talking really honestly about mental health & wellness can be literally life changing — it was for me. One of the hardest parts of mental illness is that people (including myself) often feel like they are all alone in how they feel, which isn't true. No one is alone in feeling lost, hopeless, or anxious. And the best way to realize and feel less alone is by talking to people with similar struggles and learning together.

That is why I am so excited and happy to be part of this team! I can't wait for you all to see what we continue to do and to be part of our Behind My Mind family! 💚

Some of the things I do for self-care & my mental wellness are yoga, meditation, eat food that makes me happy, hangout with dogs, and have the "occasional" glass of wine in the evenings. (Wine and dogs are even better when they are together 😍🍷🐶)

Anyways, wishing everyone a successful exam season. Happy to meet you all & know that my DMs are always open friends!


Olivia M.

Belleville, Ontario

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