Meet Ekta!

     Hey everyone! My name is Ekta and I’m currently a 2nd-year pharmacy student. My journey with mental health started a few years ago, back when I was in high school, but I was never really aware of it until I got into my first year of pharmacy. I started to struggle a lot more, my anxiety got a lot worse, I was barely getting any sleep, barely eating and I just wasn’t enjoying what I was doing anymore. I hated having to go to school every day and I was mentally exhausted by the end of the term. I never liked sharing how I felt with others and I’ve never been good with words, so I never really bothered talking about it. But I knew this wasn't good and that I needed to change something, so since then, I’ve been trying to find ways to improve my mental health. It isn’t an easy ride, and I still have days where I struggle to find the motivation to do anything. But that’s one of the main reasons as to why I joined the Behind My Mind campaign - to not only motivate myself to work towards a healthier me, but to be able to motivate others to do the same. With this campaign, I hope that we're able to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and show others that it's okay not to be okay.

Also, some of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling anxious or stressed is listen to music, drawing, or spending time with some of my friends! So if you ever feel like you need a friend to talk to, feel free to reach out and i’d love to have a chat! 🙂

Ekta M.

Mississauga, Ontario

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